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Transform Your Childs Life: Unlock the Power of Personal Development!

Hypnosis can be a valuable tool for children's personal development by fostering relaxation, enhancing focus, and boosting confidence.

Through guided imagery and positive suggestions, children learn to manage stress, overcome fears, and improve behaviors.

This process supports emotional resilience, promotes positive self-image, and assists in developing coping strategies for life's challenges.

Discover the Key to your childs Personal Excellence: Help them embark on a Journey of Personal Development through the power of their own minds using Kidnosis scripts!

Dare to Dream Big

Hypnosis can nurture the aspirations of children who dream big by enhancing their visualization skills and bolstering their confidence, enabling them to envision and pursue their ambitious goals with passion and persistence.

Accepting Uniqueness

Hypnosis can help children embrace their uniqueness by fostering a positive self-image and reducing anxiety, encouraging them to appreciate their individual traits as strengths and to confidently express their true selves.



Hypnosis can enhance children's sports enjoyment by boosting their concentration, easing performance anxiety, and reinforcing positive mental attitudes, helping them to fully engage and excel in their athletic pursuits.


Hypnosis can be a soothing refuge for children experiencing bullying, fostering resilience and self-esteem by helping them reframe negative experiences and reinforce their inner strength in a calm, supportive environment.


Hypnosis can empower children to cultivate persistence by enhancing their focus and self-belief, enabling them to tackle challenges with confidence and maintain their efforts in the face of difficulties.


Hypnosis can reinforce determination in children by deepening their intrinsic motivation and sharpening their mental clarity, equipping them to pursue their goals with unwavering commitment and resilience.

Hello, I'm Mark

Help Your Children Achieve Greater Things, Cope Better With Adversities and Other Challenges In Their Lives: Introducing Mark Anthony, Yours and Your Childs Personal Success Coach

Mark has spent nearly two decades treating clients for therapy, clients that include Sports, Tv and Radio personalities, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Mum’s, Dad’s, Children, Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, School Teachers, the Wealthy, the Not So Wealthy.

Mark is a published author, speaker, life coach, and certified hypnotherapist, master nlp practitioner, trainer and professional stage hypnotist.

Mark is a father of four children, so he understands how essential it is to give your children the tools in their lives to help them cope better with everyday adversities and challenges, and hypnosis can do that.

Mark also has also developed his well recognised weight loss ‘Weigh Too Easy’ and stop smoking programs ‘Simply Easy Method’ which focus on not just helping clients to lose weight or stop smoking, but to control their weight and food, and remain Happy Non Smokers, with astonishing results… Forever!

Mark also holds a blue card for working with children and believes that children should be encouraged and helped to have self confidence, self worth and not struggle so much with lifes adversities when they don't need to, and that's where hypnosis for kids comes in.

Empower Your Child: Help Them Embrace Personal Development for a Life of Abundance and Fulfillment Through Our Powerful Hypnosis Scripts!

Hypnosis, paired with the use of metaphors, can significantly aid in children's personal development, especially when facilitated by a parent or carer. This unique combination leverages the child's natural imaginative capabilities, making the absorption of positive messages and lessons more profound and lasting. Hypnosis creates a relaxed state of focused attention in which children are more open to suggestions. By integrating metaphors, which are easily relatable to children, the process becomes not only engaging but also more effective in instilling values, behaviors, and emotional coping mechanisms.

When a parent or carer reads these metaphors during a hypnosis session, it adds an additional layer of trust and security, reinforcing the child's comfort in accepting positive suggestions. This practice promotes stronger emotional bonds between the child and the caregiver, enhancing the learning experience. Moreover, it provides a safe environment for children to explore their feelings and develop coping strategies, leading to improved emotional regulation, confidence, and resilience. Through this gentle guidance, children learn to navigate life's challenges with a healthier mindset, laying a foundation for continuous personal growth and development.

what can hypnosis help with?

Ignite Your Childs Inner Potential!

Discover the Path to your childs Personal Transformation: Elevate Your Child's Life through Hypnosis and Personal Development!

A child's inner potential is vast and untapped. Hypnosis metaphor scripts for children unlock this potential by fostering imagination, confidence, and resilience, guiding them towards realizing their goals and aspirations.

Super Success With Hypnosis

Learning Success

Focus And Concentration Mastery

Super Learning Skills

These are more of our powerful hypnosis services for kids

Our Kidnosis Products And Services!



We offer online hypnosis sessions, or face to face, which offers children convenient access to therapeutic techniques that reduce stress, improve sleep, enhance focus, rid fears and phobias, and positive behavioral adjustments.



Hypnosis scripts can guide children towards relaxation, boost confidence, alleviate fears, enhance concentration, and foster positive behavior changes effectively. The scripts can be read safely by parents, carers or guardians.



Hypnosis can help children by enhancing focus, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, managing pain, and supporting behavioral change, effectively through hypnosis recordings, recorded by Mark or a female hypnotherapists voice.

Must-Read Materials for Childrens Personal Development Using Hypnosis

A Blog for childrens Personal Growth and Empowerment using Hypnosis


Self-discovery for children involves exploring their interests, strengths, and values. Hypnosis facilitates this process by guiding introspection, boosting confidence, and nurturing personal growth.


Mindfulness for children cultivates present-moment awareness and emotional regulation. Hypnosis reinforces mindfulness by guiding relaxation and enhancing focus, promoting calmness and well-being.


Goal setting for children fosters ambition and direction. Hypnosis aids in this process by instilling focus, motivation, and belief in achieving their goals, fostering success and personal growth.

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Now take a look at our hypnosis scripts for kids

Hypnosis metaphor scripts for children use imaginative storytelling to address issues gently. By tapping into their creativity, these scripts help children overcome challenges, build confidence, and foster positive behavioral changes.

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